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Scientific programme

Please find the main topics of the scientific programme of the 30th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Parasitology: 

Main topics: 

  • Drug Development/Target Identification 
  • Parasite-Host Interaction 
  • Emerging Parasitic Diseases 
  • Parasite Immunology 
  • Clinical Parasitology 
  • Veterinary Parasitology 
  • One Health/NTD/Zoonoses 
  • Molecular Parasitology 
  • Vectors and Entomology 
  • Wildlife Parasites 
  • Diagnosis and Vaccination 
  • Gastropod-Borne Diseases
  • Soil-transmitted Parasitoses 
  • Food-borne Parasitoses 
  • Drug Resistance 
  • Sex and Gender in Parasitology